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Vintage from the 1940s


Vintage 1940s book Plays From Radio Lass, McGill and Axelrod. Former property of the NYC Board of Education in Brooklyn, features Arthur Miller and Dickens plays, plus 12 more.

Title: “Plays From The Radio”
Edited by: A.H. Lass, Earle L. Mc Gill and Donald Axelrod
Published: by Houghton Mifflin Co.
Printed by: The Riverside Press Cambridge
Copyright 1948

Possible first edition.

Hardcover, no jacket (likely non issued)

8 ¼” x 5 ½” 1 ¾”

341 pages

Stamped on inner first blank page:
“Property of Board of Education
City of New York
Prospect Heights H.S.
Brooklyn 25, N.Y.”

Edited by
A.H. Lass, Chairman, Department of English, Fort Hamilton High School, Brooklyn
Earle L. Mc Gill, Radio Producer and Director, Lecturer n English, Barnard College
Donald Axelrod, formerly teacher of English, New York City High Schools

Contains 14 plays including the Arthur Miller Play “grandpa and the Statue” and “The Signal Man” by Charles Dickens and Charles Tazewell.

Also contains black and white photographs.

Amazingly excellent for the age of the book. Barely even any yellowing from age on the pages. The linen texture hardcover has one little speck. The spine is tight, it seems barely ever opened. There are no marks on the pages other than the school stamp mentioned above.