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Vintage Hull Bluebird canisters, cruet and spice Jars. 1920s rare A. E. Hull Pottery Company canister or Cereal Set. White ceramic with blue flying swallow birds, black lettering, lids for each 12 containers, plus one extra lid 25 separate pieces in total.

This near antique, American made set, is almost complete and would have originally contained 15 containers. There is a lid present for every piece, plus one extra large lid.

5 large canisters are marked:

5 small spice canisters are marked:

2 bottles are marked:

Approximate sizes:
Large Canisters: 4 1/2″ width of each side and 8 1/2″ tall with lid
Small Canisters: 2 3/8″ width of each side and 4 3/4″ tall including the lid
Oil and Vinegar Decanters: 2 1/2″ width of each side and 9 ¾” tall with lid

(The original set would have contained three more pieces: the larger size canister for “Cereal”, the smaller size for “Allspice” and the salt cellar).

None of the pieces have maker’s marks EXCEPT the one lid has something stamped into the clay on the top. It appears to be a and is likely portion of a word “Hull”, but is a very weak impression and I cannot make it out. This set is classic and distinctly Hull produced and were featured in Brenda Roberts book.

Overall, this set is in excellent condition, for it’s age, but there are areas of minor damage to some of the pieces, and lids, that I will detail further below. This is expected for the nature and age of these near antique pottery pieces. Every piece has light crazing beneath the glaze throughout and at least minor to moderate wear on the lettering. Remarkable that all have very little wear to the actual birds. One of the two stoppers for the bottle has a chip at one upper top corner and one smaller chip at the edge of the stopper. They both show minor discoloration on the underside of the lip of the stopper, where it is rough and unglazed. Of the 6 large canister lids (a reminder, there is one extra) there is one chip on one corner of the “handle” of one lid. Another lid has a tiny chip at the corner. The rest are in excellent condition. The lids of the small spice canisters have a little more issues throughout. One has a hairline crack clear through it and should be handled with care. Another has a hairline crack partially extending through it. And other has a chipped corner. The two remaining small lids are in excellent condition. Please read below, a detailed condition of each actual container:

Oil: The tiniest touch of wear to the birds and the black lettering. All other flaws seem to be part of production, such a two tiny black speck and an indent, that is glazed, at one corner.

Vinegar: Slightly more wear to the lettering and birds than the oil, but still in good condition. There are again, mostly just production flaws, a few more, like a couple “pits” in the glaze.

Coffee: Very minor wear the birds and slight fading to the black lettering. All other flaws are those of production, including a rough area on the black bottom and some dimples in the glaze in the interior.

Flour: Again, a touch of wear to the birds and lettering, but the are still clear and vibrant. No other real wear.

Rice: A bit more wear than the other to the lettering, same amount of minor wear to the birds. No other discernable wear or damage.

Sugar: Light fading and scratch lines through the lettering, a few signifigant scratches to the birds.

Tea: The birds are in the best condition of all 5 large canister on this one, as is the lettering. A tiny rough area at one corner, that I would not classify as a chip.

Cinnamon: Moderate wear to the lettering and birds. A touch of black speckling on one side and the front, that I feel sure is transfer from the lettering and happened in production. Excellent condition otherwise.

Pepper: Minor wear the letters and moderate wear to the birds (the birds on the pepper are in the worst condition of all the birds). There is some residue on the underside base edge.

Ginger: Two long hairline cracks through the back of the container, that extend through the wall to the inside. Handle this one with extra care. (The crack will be covered in artist tape for shipping.) Excellent condition of the lettering, minor wear to the birds.

Mustard: Minor wear to both the lettering and birds, excellent over all condition. (The crack will be covered in artist tape for shipping.)

Nutmeg: About the same condition as the mustard, however, there is a hairline crack on the top back wall that does not appear to go through the wall and may just be a crack in the glaze.

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